We believe that the Bible is the Word of God; as it was originally delivered through men chosen of God, it is without error in either word or thought; and inasmuch as it is accurately translated into any language, it is entirely trustworthy as a means to knowing God and living in accord with His will. We believe that many reliable translations exist today, among which are the King James Version, the New American Standard Version, and the New International Version; some others which are less reliable for a variety of reasons, including paraphrased interpretation and denominational adulteration, should be avoided for regular study. For Christians in this age, the Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. 

We believe that there is only one God, who is the Creator and sustainer of the universe. He exists in a unique triunity as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, each with a distinct personality and function, yet totally united in character, being, and purpose. 

We believe that Man is a special creature made in God’s own image and for His fellowship; he was assigned to populate the earth, subdue it, and rule over the creatures that inhabit it.

We believe that the first man, Adam, acting of his own free will and as an accurate representative of all future mankind, did disobey God by eating of the Forbidden Fruit in the garden of Eden; by this one act of sin against God, he brought condemnation upon all of humanity so that by birth we are all sinners whose spiritual natures are separated from God (spiritual death) and whose bodies are corruptible and perishing (physical death). 

We believe that Jesus Christ, God the Son, was born of a virgin so that he could become our perfect human representative on earth and then offer Himself as our substitute in the death which we deserved; He lived a perfect human life, was willingly crucified on a Roman cross at Calvary hill, was raised from death on the third day, was seen of many witnesses, and was raised to the right hand of God where he is now our Advocate. Whereas Adam brought condemnation to all of mankind, Jesus brought justification to all who would believe in Him. 

We believe that everyone who acknowledges his personal sinful condition and who then trusts in the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ for redemption from that sin and its consequences becomes a new and holy creation who is a spiritually alive child of God (a saint) for all eternity; this restoration to fellowship with God and the gift of eternal life in His family can be obtained by no other means than by simple faith in Jesus Christ. 

We believe that, just as Christ’s body was raised from the grave after his crucifixion and burial, so the bodies of His saints will one day be resurrected to be incorruptible in the presence of our Savior himself – it will be a body which is suitable for the Heavenly existence which is prepared for all of those who are saved by God’s grace through their faith in His Son. 

We believe that when a saint of God suffers physical death his spirit goes immediately into the presence of Christ where he knows the continued joy of fellowship with Him as he awaits the resurrection of his body and the culmination of God’s plan for all of mankind. 

We believe that all who have not been reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ are living under the influence of Satan, who led angels in rebellion against God, who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, who tormented Job, and who presently strives to destroy the lives and obedient works of the saints of God. 

We believe that when an unredeemed sinner suffers physical death his spirit goes to a place called Hell (or Hades) where he awaits the resurrection of his body at a time when his works will be judged and found wanting; he will, along with Satan and his cohorts, be thrown into the lake of fire to be tormented for ever and ever. 

We believe that the Church of God consists of all those who have been called out from among the world to live in blessed fellowship (partnership) with one another and with God Himself; it is a special institution for this age whereby  His children, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are to nurture one another unto maturity in Christ. While in practicality the Church is evidenced by localized assemblies of people, in actuality it consists of all the saints in this age. The Church has a very distinctive honor as the chosen Bride of Christ and is to behave accordingly. 

We believe that every individual saint is responsible before God to know His truth and live in obedience to it; as one who possesses the indwelling Holy Spirit of God, he is obliged to allow that Holy Spirit to direct all his ways so that he will bring glory and honor to God as he lives honorably before all men, in submission to proper authority. We believe that there is, however, no relationship or authority which supersedes the saints’ personal relationship of submission to God. 


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